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Roasted Chana Jor, Mung Jor, & Seed Mix

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Roasted Chana, & Mung Jor.

We all know and love Chana jor.

But, what is the difference between Barefoot Organics' Chana & Mung Jor or regular ones?

Well, they're organic, obviously.
But more than that, our Chana & Mung Jor are made with ZERO oil or fat.

They're baked/roasted

Plus, not to mention, our Chana & Mung Jor is EXTREMELY delicious and healthy.
Chop up some veggies, and enjoy the Organic Chana & Mung Jor.

Barefoot Organic’s Roasted Seed Mix

A combination of Sunflower, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Sesame, and Flax seeds:

Which came together with a simple fluke of “Hey, what will happen if we mix these seeds together?”

We roasted them to perfection, added some flavor to it and voila.

Not only do they act as an amazing mouth freshener, they have an incredible amount of micronutrients antioxidants and loads of dietary fiber meaning that you will stay full for longer. Not only that, this trail of seed-mix is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is essential for providing nutrition to both the body and the brain.

Being low in calories, it can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods. 

Add it to your raitas, blend it into your smoothies, top your salads with it - the possibilities are endless. And of course, everything used in here is Organic.