How can I be sure that the fruits/vegetables delivered are fresh?

Customers can ensure freshness of veggies and fruits from its looks (color), tenderness, expected smell and later by its consumption. Barefoot organics procure veggies and fruits directly from the farm and deliver in BOPP bags which   helps to retain freshness. We also have vegetable fridge bags available with us which customers can buy  and use for storage.

If you don’t use chemical fertilizer, how do you ensure growth of the products?

We ensure growth of the produce by Farm Yield Manure (FYM) and organic fertilizer Kshaan (Gree Manure, A crop grown for @ 50 days  and covered under the soil )

If you don’t use chemical pesticides, how do you keep pests away?

We use Cow Urine mixture and grow specific plants  to keep pests away.

Do you use  organic  products as raw materials for other processed goods?

Yes, we use our organic  raw materials for all our processed items. We may employ vendors to make these processed items, who again use only barefoot products as raw materials.

How do you weigh your products? 

We use a calibrated digital weighing machine to weigh our products.

Do the availability of products depend upon the seasons? 

Most of the organic veggies and fruits are seasonal. Infact it is the bane on wanting to grow off seasonal products which leads to excessive use of chemicals and fertilisers.

Is it necessary to wash your products? 

Any organic or non-organic produce needs to be washed when you buy them from the store or get it delivered due to the transmission of dirt and germs during handling from farm to your home. But if you visit our farm, you can consume them directly after plucking since no pesticides are sprinkled.

I have received damaged/wrong products in my order, how should I proceed?

Please have a look at our refund/replace policy which abides by the rule of no questions asked on our website.

Do your products go through a quality check procedure?

Every product coming to our warehouse passes through a stringent quality check procedure. After that, it is packed and delivered to our stores or to your home.

Do organic products have the same price as regular products?

Organic products are priced higher than regular products due to various reasons like low yield in some products, increased logistic costs, supply constraints etc.

Do you get your products directly from the fields or through middle men? 

Barefoot organics mostly procure its produce directly from its own farm or some other organic farmers.

Why do some of the products look unattractive ?

Organic produce is grown, harvested and preserved in a natural way and so, due to lack of artificial chemicals the products may sometimes look dull or have non uniform growth but what they lack in appearance they more than make up in quality and taste.

Why are some time  limited options available in vegetables and fruits ?

Since no artificial support is provided for the growth of organic products, the cultivation of some products may not be possible at a specific time period.

Why do the seasons for organic produce start late? 

The growth of organic plants, its flowering and yield is a natural longterm process and in absence of an artificial support system, it takes more time to produce the final product.


Which are the modes of payments? 

We use credit card/ google pay/ Paytm/ bank transfer/ cash at our store and for delivery. At present, we do not allow cash on delivery

Is it safe to use debit/credit cards on your website?

We use Razorpay for online payment and it is very safe.

Is there a minimum amount for cash on delivery? 

Minimum billing amount for delivery is rs 500/-

Will I get a refund for cancelled orders?

Order has to be cancelled within stipulated time for refund.

How and when will I get a refund for cancelled orders?

We have a refund policy which is usually processed in seven working days.

Do you charge any extra charges or taxes in addition to the mentioned prices?

We don’t charge anything more than the delivery/shipping fees as per the billing amount and location of the customer.

Will I get a refund of shipping charges for cancelled orders?

Yes . we can refund shipping charges for cancelled orders if cancelled before shipping.


When will I receive my order?

For the city of Ahmedabad our routine delivery will be done from 9 am – 2 pm.  Our team will notify you on the delivery day as well. Customers are requested to place their order before 7 pm to get their delivery the next day.

For orders outside Ahmedabad we will process your order within 2 working days of receiving and the delivery time will vary based on shipping time.

Do I have to pay any extra charges for delivery?
For Ahmedabad, minimum billing amount is rs 500.
For orders worth rs 500-1000 extra 50 rs will be charged for shipping.
For orders worth rs 1000-1500 extra 30 rs will be charged for shipping.
And orders worth rs 1500 and above are free of shipping charges.
For other cities the shipping cost will be displayed and added to your billing amount.

Do you deliver in my area?

We deliver vegetables and fruits in major parts of Ahmedabad. Simply enter your pin code and we’ll tell you if we deliver or not. For groceries, we deliver for a majority of locations in India you can check whether we deliver to your area at the time of check out.

How do you deliver the products? 

In Ahmedabad, we have our own delivery team while outside of Ahmedabad, we have logistical partners who enable seamless and safe order delivery.

Will I be notified about my order?

Yes, you will receive an email/SMS or whatsapp message by our Customer care executive. You can also call our customer care executive between 10 am to 6 pm on working days for any queries.

Is there any minimum order value for delivery?

In Ahmedabad a minimum order of Rs. 500 is required. Below are the shipping rates:-

Rs. 500 – 999 = Rs. 50

Rs. 1000-1499 = Rs. 35

Rs. 1500 < = Free of Cost

How should I proceed if I don’t receive my order on the scheduled time?

You can email us on info@barefootorganics.in or you can call our customer care executive (9499766066) between 10 am to 6 pm on working days. You can also drop a text on whatsapp or a text message on 9499766066.


How can I cancel my order?

You can call or drop a text on whatsapp (9499766066) to cancel your order.

Will I have to pay any extra cancellation charges?

No cancellation charge would be levied if the order is cancelled before 7 pm of the same day of placing the said order.

Can I add/remove products after placing an order? 

Yes, but you will have to contact our customer care executive before 7 pm of the same day of placing the said order to get it clubbed with your order.

How do I check the current status of my order?

We will send you the details of the courier agency and the tracking no. if your order is out of Ahmedabad. For orders within Ahmedabad, you can contact our customer care executive.

Can I change my address/ in an order?

Yes, you can. Before the order is processed, we will validate whether we service the new address and if there is any change in shipping charges.

Can I reschedule my order? 

Yes, but only if you reschedule before 7 pm of the same day of placing the said order.

Can I return a part of my order?

Please have a look at our return/refund policy on our website.

How will I know if any item from my order is unavailable? 

If an item is unavailable, it will reflect on our website. However you can still call our customer care number and check with our executive. We’ll surely arrange for something if we can.  In case we are unable to fulfill part of your order after accepting, our team will reach out to you before processing your order.

Can I order for multiple addresses?

Yes, you can. Each address order will be treated as a separate order. But please make sure you’re specific with your order items and address though.

Can I order again before receiving a previous order?

Yes, you can. Your orders will be delivered together if your last order is placed before 7 pm on the same day.


Is Barefoot certified organic?

We are a certified organic trading and processing company. Our farm is also a certified organic farm. All the produce that we procure and sell as organic produce is certified organic produce with proper authentications. We also conduct random sampling quality checks on our produce to further ensure authenticity.

Do you operate through offline stores?

We at Barefoot are committed to build the outreach of organic produce though usage of all market linkages channel. We do run our own and franchise  retail stores, you can get the latest updated list here (Link to stores address), we are also present in other multi brand organic and speciality stores in certain geographies in addition to our outreach through the online platform.

Do you have more products in the stores, which are not available on the website? 

Most of the products available in the store are available online. Some of the products which require a strict cold chain may not be available in few areas of India.