Barefoot Initiative

Barefoot Organics started with one mission. To create an organic lifestyle that is free from any chemically adulterated supplements. It’s about making the body like it was always meant to be… organic, unprocessed and wholesome. This lifestyle goes beyond just you and I. It’s about creating a way of living that is healthy for you and the environment around us.  
It all starts from eating organically and responsibly. At Barefoot we’re conscious of what we eat, so at every stage of the farming process we take utmost care of nourishing our farmland before and after growing. We do that in a manner that compliments the natural nourishing process of the soil without any chemicals or pesticides. You can glide over to our initiatives and see for yourself! 
In pursuit of a truly organic mission, we’re taking a small step towards it by making a wide variety of farm-fresh organic fruits, vegetables and groceries accessible to you. 
Now you can log on to our store, place an order and get organic products from the comfort of your home. It’s easier than ever. 
Give it a shot. Trust us, you’re going to ❤ it!

Barefoot Farms

Barefoot FarmsWell, it’s true for Barefoot too! After trudging over rutted roads when you come across an expanse of green farmland, you feel you’re in some place else. You feel the wind sliding across your face, the sound of birds amidst rustling leaves, and the farmers ambling across the farmland.

The farm is where it all begins! The birth of every vegetable, fruit and pulse in your basket starts here. The barefoot farm is a springboard to good health, better nutrition and the first step towards a truly organic lifestyle.

From seed to soil, everything takes us back to the ultimate basics of farming. The soil in our farms is fertilized with the help of natural fertilizers, like Jivamrut, Kshan, Cow Manure, and crushed weeds and is put to rest for an entire cropping cycle in order to revitalise it for the next cropping cycle. After one or two cropping cycles, the entire process is repeated again. A strict manual vetting process ensures good quality harvest, consistently. We understand that you’ve got to get the details right from step one.

You feel there’s more to it? You’re right! We invite you to come and get your hands dirty at our farms. See for yourself and experience what goes into making a truly organic farm and more. Of course, you can come back anytime. We’re always here!