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Rice Kolam 1Kg

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Kolam rice, also known as Lachkari raw rice is one of the very famous variety of rice. Kolam Rice is used as an everyday substitute of basmati because it gives the same feel and taste as that of basmati rice. It has a smooth texture and does not have any preservatives.


Kolam rice

Nutritional Info

low in calories, this rice has a high Glycemic index.

Nutritional Values


Calories: 348 cal/100gm
Protein (N x 6.25) 6.66%
Fat: 0.48%
Carbohydrates: 79.24%
Minerals: 0.40%
Fiber: Nil
Natural vitamins: C.E and B complex (approx)
Other substances: 0
Nutrition value each 500 gm contain (uncooked rice)

Shelf Life

12 Months