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Resham Patti Chilli Powder 200 Gms

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One of the most commonly used spices, chilli powder is the basic necessity of almost all our meals. A vital ingredient for curries, pastas, rice dishes and even snacks, our meals and lives would definitely be incomplete with the colour and spiciness of chilli powder! 

Barefoot organics' chilli powder is organic. It has a vibrant red colour and the perfect spiciness to make a mouthwatering dish with just one pinch. The entire process of cultivating the red chillies, drying and even processing is done in natural ways without the input of any chemicals. 

Everything's better when it's natural, right? So order this organic chilli powder now and adopt a natural and healthy way for your lifestyle! 


Organic whole red chilli (powdered)

Nutritional Info

Red chillies can provide relief from pain and aids weight loss.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional value per 100g (Approx)  
Calories 314
Total fats 16.76g
Saturated fat 2.953g
Polyunsaturated fat 7.458g
Monounsaturated fat 3.574g
Cholesterol  0mg
Sodium 1010mg
Total carbohydrates 54.66g
Dietary fibre 34.2g
Protein  12.26g
Calcium 278mg
Iron 14.25mg

Shelf Life