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Orange Marmalade + Lemon Chutney + Apple Chutney (240 Gms each)

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Three Organic Parings to have with yourParatha, Toast, Bakhri, or nothing but a spoon

Apple Chutney

Is an Apple flavored, Semi-Liquid goodness of health packed inside a jar.
It's a perfectly healthy and wholesome addition to your plate for the Umami (Essense of Deliciousness) flavour.

Lemon Chutney

We all are aware of Lemon Chutney's Savoury and Nostaligc taste. That special feeling which link us to our childhood improved by using only organic ingridients.

Super tasty, High in savour & Quality. A Must try.

Orange Marmalade:

Not your regular Jam. It's a Marmalade.
LOVED by kids and adults likewise.

If you haven't tried anything organic yet, this will be your gateway to understanding the BIG difference which only Organic elements bring to the flavour.